Chow Chow Fanciers of Canada

AGM Minutes: December 18, 2005
Held at the home of Judy and Michael Allen, 33 Old Mill Drive, Toronto, ON


Judith Tulloch – President                              Harry Staines – Director (BC)
Joan Falchuk – Vice President                        Aaron Erickson – Director (Prairies)
Judy Allen – Secretary                                    Paul Odenkirchen – Director (ON)
Judy Erickson – Treasurer                              Jacquie Swim – Director (Atlantic)
Joey Nattrass – Corresponding Secretary      Sol Falchuk – Chair (SCOS)
AGM Attendees:

Joan Falchuk – VP (Acting Chair)                    Sandra Braid – Member
Judy Allen – Secretary                                    Donilda Lackner – Member
Joey Nattrass – Corresponding Secretary     Margaret Crisson – Member
Paul Odenkirchen – Director ON                    Minnie Odenkirchen – Member   
Sol Falchuk – Chair, SCOS                             Michael Allen – Member        
Fran Johnson – Member                                
Maureen Clune – Member                                   


Call the meeting to order: Joan Falchuk, Vice President (Chair of AGM)
I call the meeting or order effective immediately, December 18, 2005 at 11:45 AM,
1.             Minutes of the last AGM:  2005
2.             Report of President – Judith Tulloch

Our major achievement in 2005 was the adoption of our new breed standard by the CKC Board of Directors in September. The new standard comes into effect on 1 January 2006 and we hope we will see many more cream chows in the ring in future years.
In 2006, we will be working on revisions to our constitution and bylaws,
including, I hope, federal incorporation of the club which will provide
greater protection for club members.  We need to ensure that our
constitution and bylaws enable us to deal with concerns and issues facing specialty breed clubs.  Another priority for 2006 is to consider how the national club can provide more support for chow rescue and we welcome suggestions from members on this issue.
I want to extend to all members and their families my best wishes for a
happy holiday and much success in 2006."
Note: The purpose of the AGM according to the Club’s Constitution is that, “The AGM will be held for the purpose of directly receiving voting members views upon the National Executive’s conduct of office.”
Joey suggests a letter go out to Judges licensed for Chows pointing out the changes to the breed standard. Judith agrees. All in attendance are in favour. ACTION: Joey will send the letters and standards.
3.             Report of Secretary – Judy Allen
We will be governed by the present constitution until it is amended either with or without incorporation taking place. The current Constitution is the one stating it was amended and reprinted in Alberta, November 2001.

4.             Report of Treasurer – Judy Erickson
The balance in the bank account is $3956.85. This does not contain some of the 2006 membership renewals. To date I have 31 paid memberships for 2006. Everyone voted to accept the Treasurer’s report.

Joey made a motion to make the cost of a Junior Membership in the CCFC $5.00, and that this be in force until the age of 17. Sol seconded the motion and everyone agreed.

Joey has suggested that the books be audited, and Judith  agrees, ACTION: Judy Erickson is to find someone (who is at arm’s length from the Club) who can audit the books and report to the Executive what this will cost.

5.             Report of Corresponding Secretary – Joey Nattrass
All requirements of the office have been met.
6.             Reports of Committees
Constitution Review Committee – Judy Allen
Ballots received regarding the issue of Club incorporation total: 49
Two ballots were undeliverable. Two ballots were spoiled. The total number of ballots in favour of incorporation are 44. Those opposed are: 1.  Motion to Incorporate the CCFC PASSED. ACTION: Joan will contact Dan Brodsky about handling the legal, after which Judy A. will meet with legal expert and create a draft Constitution to be reviewed by the Constitution Review Committee. When the draft has been approved by the Committee it will be sent to all members for comment.
Sol made a motion to dispose of the ballots. All agreed.

South Central Ontario Section Activities Chair Sol Falchuk
Sol reports that SCOS will hole one booster on Saturday, May 6, 2006 in conjunction with the Seaway Show. There is a possible 2nd booster to be held on the Sunday after the MLCCC Specialty (Saturday) in conjunction with the Trillium Show in October 2006.
The first meeting of 2006 will be held February 18 at 2pm at the home of Vickie and Ted Barrett.
7.             Unfinished Business
Re: Specialty Show – A progress report is needed with respect to the June 2006 Specialty in Edmonton , especially with regards to insurance.  If there is no insurance, there cannot be a show. The CCFC cannot support a show if it exposes club members to liability. ACTION: Aaron E. to follow up with Zerilda and report back to the Executive by January 15, 2006.

8.            New Business
Member Maureen Clune suggests that the National Club should donate $250.00 to the Specialty-holding committee to be used for National Specialty Expenses. All are in favour.

Harry S. suggests the AGM be held in conjunction with the National. Judith agrees that this approach makes sense, but it’s quite possible that no member of the exec would be there.
A number of other suggests were discussed. It is difficult to get a quorum in any province other than Ontario. Paul stated that it is important to meet face to face once per year. Everyone agreed that the club should make an event of the AGM with awards being given out. ACTION: This will be reviewed by the
Constitution Review Committee, which will discuss alternatives.

Joey raised the question of how the clubs feel about joining the Spitz Group if it is formed. ACTION: Joey will ask CCFC members for their input in the newsletter and report back to the Executive.
Joey reminded everyone that she suggested all of the CCFC directors hold a fund-raising event or drive to raise money for Chow Rescue. Joey made a motion for the Club to donate to the Canadian Chow Rescue Fund on a quarterly basis. Everyone agrees.
Joan proposes that the Club donate funds to help Judy Goacher’s team of Canadians who are going to the US to bring back dogs in need of rescue because of Hurricane Katrina. Sol made a motion to donate $100. Everyone agrees and the donation should be sent to Judy Goacher. ACTION: Judy Erickson to send $100 to Judy Goacher.
Newsletter Editor – Joey Nattrass
Costs for three issues of the newsletter is $300.00. Newsletters were sent to each member, as well as a complimentary copy to non-members who contributed to their content. Joey requests more ideas, suggestions and offers to contribute to the newsletter. Joan and Judy A. both suggested possible sources.
Joey reports that her mission to dispose of Specialty and Annual Trophies that began two years ago is now complete. All trophies are finally placed with either the person who donated them or one of the winners. The last three have were taken to a Trophy House where they will be refurbished at no cost.
9.             Adjournment
Sol motions to adjourn the meeting at 1:05 PM. Seconded by Maureen.