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1. Below...Travis Large Red Boy

2. Above.....Petunia Small Red Girl

3. Both pictures above are Cash Big Black Boy

4. Both pictures above are Dakota Big Black Bitch

5. Both pictures above are Emma Small Black Girl

6. Both pictures above are Stripper Med Red Boy

7 Both pictures above are Willie Small Black Boy

8. Both pictures above are Dylan Red Boy



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Artwork cannot be reproduced for sale or profit in any 

manner without express written consent from the artist . 

This includes paintings sold on the internet.  

Suzanne's Artwork is in Collections around the

World, some of the Countries are,

Canada, US, Australia, Bermuda, Barbados,

Croatia, England, Finland, France, Holland,

Ireland, Italy, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, 

Scotland, South Africa, Sweden, Solvenia, 

Spain,  Thailand, Taiwan,  and Wales.

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