Some of Our Chows

# 2 Chow in Canada 2006

Can\InNat.Ch. Chinabar's Tickle Me Elmo (BISS)

More Pics of Elmo

Ch. Chinabar's Lil Bit Of St Nick

Ch. Sevenacres Angel At Chinabar

Chinabar's Spike N' The Rail

Lohan Natasha O'Chinabar

Owners Leonard Hanson & Douglas Johnston

Judge Donna Cole - Handler Candy Jenson

Ch. Chinabar's Funtoy O Sevenacres

Owner Kitty Egan

Chinabar's Just A Wonder 'N

Owner: Al Howard

Ch. Chinabar Lohan Sir Hairy & Ch. Chinabar's Man-Dell-AA (BPIS)

# 2 Chow in Canada 1993

Ch. Chinabar Lohan Sir Hairy "Mikey"

Ch. Chinabar's Man-Dell-AA (BPIS)


Ch. Chinabar's Kitty Kitty Kat                 Chinabar Cherie's Rainer (BPIS)


Dawnandas Retro Charlie

Owners: Harry & Suzanne Staines & Kitty Egan

Ch.Chinabar's Beau McCoy

Owner: Richard & Elaine Hoepponer


Ch. Chinabar's Lohan Party Animal   Ch. Chinabar's Kodi Ak 


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Artwork cannot be reproduced for sale or profit in any 

manner without express written consent from the artist . 

This includes paintings sold on the internet.  

Suzanne's Artwork is in Collections around the

World, some of the Countries are, 

Canada, US, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, 

South Africa, Finland, Holland, Japan, Thailand, 

Taiwan, Sweden, Croatia, Solvenia, Italy, Australia, 

Bermuda, Spain, France and New Zealand.


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