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Championships & Performance Titles 2003

Name (Reg # or ERN #) Date Finished

(Sire & Dam)


Ch.Cross B’s I Dream About Angels (ERN21002449) 17 Aug 2003

(Xishan’s Guardian Angel ex Cross B’s Dreamin’ Out Loud)

Ch.Dragonslayer’s Midnightblu Kia (EL298104) 17 Aug 2003

(Ch Mad River Lu’s Forever Yung ex Teak’s Witch Away)

Ch.Liontamer-N-Pazzazz’s Gabriella (ERN22000706) 16 Aug 2003

(Chinarose The Impressionist ex Pazzazz’s It’s a Good Thing)

Ch.Liontamer-Pazzazz Born To Reign(ERN23001857) 21 Sep 2003

(Vip’s P-Chi Keen ex Pazzazz’s It’s a Good Thing)

Ch.Mi-Pao’s Macho Kid (MQ831452) 28 Sep 2003

(Ch Mi-Pao’s Macho Cream ex Ch Mi-Pao’s Lady In Red)

Ch.Sevenacres Allie Kat (MW842456) 02 Aug 2003

(Sevenacres William Cody ex Ch Chinabar’s Funtoy O Sevenacres)

Ch.Westwind’s Peach Delight (1070820) 21 Sep 2003

(Westwind’s Double Trouble ex Westwinds Peach Parfait)

Ch.Chikoo’s Midnight Jasper (MU892881) 05 Jun 2003

(Ch Canton Chikoo Twice In a Blue Moon ex Chikoo’s Jamacian Mmecrazy)

Ch. Dragonslayer Tai’s Jorge (MG795413) 16 Nov 2003

(Ch Tai’s The Rough Rider ex Dragonslayer Tai’s Red Jewel)

Ch. Mi-Pao’s Forever Amber (NA862372) 26 Oct 2003

(Ch Mi-Pao’s Imperial Cream ex Rhytzo Dressed In Blue)

Ch Tokoeka’s Fiery Autumn Blaze (MS851921) 23 Nov 2003

(Ch Roshmire’s Life With Riley ex Tokoeka’s Lively Alexis)