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Championships & Performance Titles 2005

Name (Reg # or ERN #) Date Finished

(Sire & Dam)


Ch.Mi-Pao’s Breezer (PL956521) 04 Mar 2005

(Ch Mi-Pao’s Minute Man ex Mi-Pao’s Sweet Vanity)

Ch.Chikoo’s Smooth Obsession (NW934288) 24 Apr 2005

(Chikoo’s Bedazzled In Cream ex Ch Chikoo’s Stephany of Zorrodynasy)

Ch.Bob-C-Bear’s Northern Belle (ERN21001766) 24 Jun 2005

(Bob-C-Bear’s Shoh-Dee ex Wu-Li-Pu’s Tipper of Bob-C-Bear)

Ch.Chikoo’s Smooth Eclipes (NW948860) 03 Jun 2005

(Ch.Canton Chikoo Twice In a Blue Moon ex Tansek’s Sheer White Terror at Chikoo)

Ch.Paramount Wyatt Earp (1087845) 24 Apr 2005

(Paramount Buzz Liteyear ex Paramount Savanah)

Ch.Sevenacres Leatherwd Lynden (1075405) 11 Jun 2005

(Ch Sevenacre Leatherwd Olympian ex Smoothvictory Rainy Leatherwd)

Ch.Westwind’s Happy Hour (ERN24000992) 24 Jun 2005

(Westwind’s Five O’clock Shadow ex Westwind’s Malabu Rum)

Ch.Bearden Starlet at Clos Lion (1084823) 07 May 2005

(Pendleton Mvp From Bear Den ex Bearden's China Doll Pendleton)

Ch.Bob-C-Bear's Northern Sunrise (ERN22000630) 22 May 2005

(Bob-C-Bear's Shoh-Dee ex Wu-Li-Pu's Tipper of Bob-C-Bear)

Ch.Rossy Siva (1087574) 21 May 2005

(Rossy Zeus ex Rossy Lori)

Ch.Westwind's Pumbaa of Cejam (ERN25000425) 07 May 2005

(Westwinds Peach Fuzz ex Westwind's Keeping Up Appearnce)

Ch.Chikoo’s Beary Delight (PA948847) 09 Jul 2005

(Ch Chikoo’s Like a Rock ex Chikoo’s Fraulein Gretchen)

Ch.Ayran Hong Jamal Black Tiger (ERN25001216) 06 Aug 2005

(Xishan’s Corner The Market ex Ghattas Margot)

Ch.Oban’s Stormy Skye at Lisha (PW982253) 28 Aug 2005

(My-Sam’s Knight Star (Usa) ex Oban’s Jasmin By Lisha)

Ch.P-Chi A Million To One Xishan (ERN25001299) 07 Aug 2005

(Cross Bs Ya Do Stand a Chance ex Padow’s One In a Million)

Ch.Xishan’s Guardian Angel (ERN21000711) 01 Aug 2005

(Cherie’s The Chosen One ex Cross B Ruby at Tam-Ka-Shan)

Ch.Cross B’s Flying Angel (1084341) 10 Sep 2005

(Cross B’s Every Chance I Get ex Cross B’s I Dream About Heaven)

Ch.Chikoo’s Smooth Rythme N Blues (PU058108) 11 Sep 2005

(Ch.Canton Chikoo Twice In a Blue Moon ex Tansek’s Sheer N Cinful at Chikoo)

Ch.Crystal Fall’s Ky Ching’s Duet (ERN25001136) 28 Oct 2005

(Bob- C- Bear’s Cruz’n South ex Ky Chings Overnite Success)

Ch.Eldorado ’s Triple X at Chikoo (1090166) 03 Apr 2005

(Eldorado’s Mirror Image By Kobe ex Eldora d o ’s a Trace of Red Lace)

Ch.Josol Momma Mia at Lionbear (RE021744) 23 Oct 2005

(Josol’s The Beat Goes on ex Ch Josol Debars Supreme Diva)

Ch.Mi-Pao’s Golden Honey Cheeks (PC934366) 22 Oct 2005

(Mi-Pao’s Mark Anthony ex Mi-Pao’s Black Edition)

Ch.Oban’s My Guardian Angel (PW982250) 21 Oct 2005

(My-Sam’s Knight Star (Usa) ex Oban’s Jasmin By Lisha)

Ch.Dreamland’s Star of Rivre Glen (1088708) 09 Dec 2005

(Ayran Hong Jamal Black Tiger ex Dreamland’s Just Wana Hav Fun)