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Championships & Performance Titles


Name (Reg # or ERN #) Date Finished

(Sire & Dam)


Ch.Lionbear's Maximum Expression (SQ108921) 01 Jan 2007

(Ch.Cherub Radar Love ex Ch.Josol's Momma Mia at Lionbear)

Ch.Lionbear's Finest Ebony (SQ10108920  04 Jan 2007

(Ch.Cherub Radar Love ex Ch.Josol's Momma Mia at Lionbear)

Ch.Rossy’s Supernova at Lionbear (1091805) 11 Feb 2007

(Rossy Showgun ex Rossy White Demon)

 Ch.Fu San Oriental Treasure (1093003) 02 Mar 2007

(China Bay Tao Be An ex Supaw Jenuine’s Fu San Eureka)

Ch Mi-Pao’s Sparkle (PW984937) 07 Apr 2007

(Ch.Mi-Pao’s Black Signature ex Ch.Mi-Pao’s Forever Amber)

Ch.Chikoo’s Winter Dream (RE078513) 08 Apr 2007

(Ch.Kainins Done Deal at Chikoo ex Ch.Kainins Heaven Sent at Chikoo)

Ch.Pazzazz’s Rudyard at Tai (1090966) 14 Apr 2007

(Liontamer-Pazzazz Emperor Taizu ex Liontamer-Pazzazz Blast O’th Past)

Ch Mi-Pao’s Thor (SU123649) 29 Apr 2007

(Ch.Towsushet’s All That Jazz ex Ch.Mi-Pao’s Sparkle)

Ch.Beshia’s Miss Abgayle Micmar (1095332) 25 May 2007

(Rossy Emir ex Moonshine Gabrielle O’micmar)

Ch.Summerdream Remembering Heaven (PS980502) 7 July 2007

(Chinarose I Like Ike ex Ch. Silkwoods Picture of Heaven)

Ch. Mi-Pao's Ada (SU123947) 26 July 2007

(Ch.Towsushet's All That Jazz ex Ch.Mi-Pao's Sparkle)

Ch.Loclyn's Living Legacy (SE086140) 28 July 2007

(Ch.Knofi's Geronimo ex Tanseks Irishcream at Loclyn)

Ch.Silkwood Madisonsquaregarden (ERN 24002250) 17  Aug 2007

(Cross B's No Blacking Down ex Silkwoods Afinty Of Love)

Ch Loclyn’s In Memory of Geronimo (SE086139) 28 Dec 2007

(Ch.Knof’s Geronimo ex Tanseks Irishcream at Loclyn)


Rally Novice (RN)

Dreamland's Danu de Man Kou/CGN/RN 1093122 20 Aug 2007

(Dreamland's Catch Me If U Can ex Dreamland's Champagne Fizz)